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The capabilities of our partners allow us to provide supplies, and, if necessary, organise the production of commercial, construction and special vehicles of any configuration and purpose.

Thanks to the services of the company, commercial modes of transport can be re-equipped specifically for your goals and objectives.

Our partners have extensive experience in producing samples of European brands at the stages of manufacturing cases for commercial, municipal and special equipment, and their own patents and certificates for production.

It is also possible to equip vehicles with different types of superstructures to solve various problems.

Examples of previous successes

Truck-mounted elevated work platform on JAC N120 chassis

Working height: 27 m.

Load capacity per aerial platform: 250 kg.


Gross weight: 11,980 kg.

Payload capacity 8,030 kg.

Engine: diesel, Euro-5, 3,760 cm 3 170 hp, 600 Nm.

Speed-changing gearbox: mechanical, 6-speed, with a power-take-off device.

Wheels: 245/70R19.5

Brake system: pneumatic with ABS and mountain brake.

Fuel tank: aluminium, 210 L.

Basic equipment: on-board computer, air conditioning, ESP, digital radio with USB-port, cruise control, central locking with remote control and many options for driver comfort.

Dump trucks with unloading on three sides based on the
JAC chassis

Compact, manoeuvrable, economical,
comfortable and convenient.


Gross weight: 8,200 kg.

Payload capacity 4,500 kg.

Engine: diesel, Euro-5, 3,760 cm 3 , 155 hp, 500 Nm.

Speed-changing gearbox: mechanical, 6-speed

Wheels: 215/75R17.5

Brake system: pneumatic with ABS and mountain brake.

Fuel tank: 100 L

Dump body volume: 10 m 3 Boх height: 1,200 mm

Development of a delux
version of the passenger
minibus H350.

The minibus is designed for urban, as well as intercity and international transportation. Its passenger compartment cancomfortably carry 8 passengers.

The target audience of buyers of the tuned minibus is the top management of the corporate sector and state- owned companies, as well as companies providing enhanced comfort services.


Collaborative development, certification and production with Banke ApS of a multi-purpose urban electric truck on the base of the Hyundai vehicle, which is already in great demand in the European market.


Development, certification and production of a vehicle for public utilities and corporations, intending for cleansing and disinfection of municipal facilities from coronavirus and other pathogenic agents.