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Genesis Brokers is performing all types of interactions, both stage and complex cycles from design, construction and management of already launched enterprises.

Production facilities for light and heavy automotive industry, modular construction, and defense industry.

The total area of production facilities involved in the projects is over 450,000 sq. meters.

Interaction of processesStaged and complex cycles of design, construction and management.

Production facilitiesAutomotive industry, modular construction, defense industry.

AreaThe area of production is over 450,000 sq. meters.

Motorbuses, trolley-buses, and trucks

  • Design and construction of production facilities for manufacturing commercial vehicles of various classes and sizes;
  • Organisation of production processes and full cycle supply chains;
  • Designing new models and adapting existing classic modes of transport to the needs of different market outlets and meeting the demands of constantly changing national and international regulations;
  • Designing and setting up the production of electric modes of transport, such as electric buses and electric trucks;
  • Design of promising types of environment-friendly transport.

Automotive manufacture and refitment

  • production of off-road trucks, incl. chassis in the amount of up to 1,200 units per year;
  • production of light special and specialized vehicles up to 900 units per year;
  • production of commercial vehicles: installation of superstructures for vans, refrigerators, dump trucks, and flat bodies on chassis;
  • re-equipment of commercial vehicles for extra-heavy conditions of operations, including for military purposes;
  • repair of wheeled military vehicles.

Execution of metal and composite structures

  • execution of metal structures: hangars, farms, modular workmen’s shelters, fences, railings, bus stops, sheds, gazebos (as assigned by the customer, including modular buildings and armoured modules), as well as special protection means;
  • production of vehicle-borne modular shelters for various purposes;
  • production of modular buildings ranging from 20 to 600 sq. meters;
  • full production cycle of modular structures: from the production of sandwich panels of various types to assembly and completing units of any equipment (technical, household, etc.).